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On Mission in Thailand
Tom Matthews
on mission in Thailand
Our family was sent out by Eastside and Lakeside Community Churches back in 2009. We have served in Chiangmai, Thailand, since 2019. Here we join God's relentless passion to multiply opportunities for unreached people to encounter the good news of Jesus so that they can place their faith in God and confidently live out their identity in Christ.

I believe He gives divine opportunities to share the gospel when we enter into the simple joys and harsh realities of unreached people living in Thai communities. In doing this, we witness the Great Commandment help to fulfill the Great Commission. As we love the Lord with all He commands and our neighbors, we make disciples, baptize them, and plant churches as we are invited into people's lives and help solve community problems. When we teach these communities of faith to do the same, the gospel spreads to the ends of the earth.

Ministry Support Meet the Budget Timeline

Here are the dates and goals to meet our current budget.
January 2023 - Goal Met
January 2023 - Goal Met
25% - $175 to Meet Monthly Budget Raised
February 2023- Goal Met
February 2023- Goal Met
50% - $350 to Meet Monthly Budget Raised
AMEN (over half way there!)
April 2023- Goal Met
April 2023- Goal Met
75% - $525 to Meet Monthly Budget Raised
August 2023 - Goal Met- Praise God!
August 2023 - Goal Met- Praise God!
100% - $700 to Meet Monthly Budget Raised
Amen 🙏
Ministry and Beyond
We are the Matthews family; Tom, Angie, Robert, Annabelle, Nicolas, and Madeline. We are also "godfamily" to Enoch and Lilly.
Tom worked as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and was an owner of a fire protection company in Florida before coming to Asia.
We have been on mission in Asia since 2009 and worked among different people groups; Hui, Tibetan, Shan, Thai, Karen, Lahu, and Lisu.
Tom enjoyed working as a coffee roasting factory manager, an English teacher, and we were owners of a cafe while we lived in Asia and used business as our ministry.
In Thailand, we partnered with another missionary family to start "Reach Chiangmai," a Christian network with the common purpose of praying and working together to make disciples and plant churches in Chiangmai and beyond.
We are a part of the team at “Kingdom Kids Foundation” to help those who provide care for orphans and children at risk through foster care, daily support, and special projects.
Tom volunteers with Water Heart (Goodwill) Foundation, teaching English and helping provide essentials for the underemployed of our city.
We also work with Peaceful Communities Foundation giving oversight and advice to teams that help communities know Jesus and thrive through community health development in Thailand.

Tom enjoys roasting coffee and we both love drinking a good cup. Tom received his Q-grader certification and roasted coffee professionally as part of our ministry. We would truly enjoy sharing a cup and chatting together with you soon.